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1/2/2024 - Displaying at IOP 49th Stirling Physics Teacher's Meeting

By invitation we are presenting a workshop on geophysics sensing projects at the IOP Scottish Physics Teacher's Meeting on 23/5/24 -link.


1/1/2024 - Year of the Network

Now that we've tested the new installations on the latest debian os (see below) we can move on to networking

The aim has always been to encourage the creation of networks of geophysics sensors. We have been hampered by being unable to install a 2nd set of stations locally. We had hoped to install aurora and infrasound in the local town 3 km away but this has not yet been possible. We now have a site in Durham some 35km away with network access.

Stages will be

  • Build, test, emplace aurora, infrasound, and microbarometer systems in Durham.
  • Develop a robust, secure server system for data uploads.
  • In the specific case of infrasound, develop software to identify common signals between stations.

There will be a cost to running a real-time data-server and we are hopeful of attracting funding. If not we will fund privately.